Valiant Pest Defense is still open for business during this time. The safety of our customers and staff is of utmost importance, so we are taking necessary precautions to be covered and safe, especially if entering the home is necessary. Call us at (724) 624-8044 to schedule your services. We wish you all healthy days ahead during these challenging times.

We now provide pest control services in Ohio.

We service Harrison County, Jefferson County, Carroll County, Columbiana county, and Mahoning County.

Don't Wait for Termites to Gnaw Through Your Home

Turn to a local pest control company in McCandless, Allison Park or Cranberry Township, PA

Have you found signs of termites, wasps or ants in your house? No matter what kind of pests are invading your home, you can count on the qualified team at Valiant Pest Defense, LLC to get rid of them.

From rodent control to bed bug control, we can do it all.

Go to the Bed Bugs page now to learn more about how our bed bug control experts in Allison Park, PA and surrounding areas can protect your home from a full-blown pest invasion with our bed bug treatments and and ant control services.

Take a proactive approach

Instead of waiting for pests to take over your house, put the kibosh on an insect takeover with the help of the experienced team at Valiant Pest Defense.

When you sign up for our quarterly insect, ant control and rodent control program, you'll get:

A comprehensive inspection every three months

Effective treatments for rodents, crawling pests and stinging insects

Peace of mind that your home will stay pest-free

Don't worry about getting stuck in a contract-we provide contract-free pest control services to residents of the Allison Park, PA and surrounding areas.

Our name says it all

Reach out to a local exterminator today

You don't need to search far and wide to find a reputable pest control company in Allison Park, PA and surrounding areas. Look no further than Valiant Pest Defense.

As our name implies, we carry out each task with courage and determination. You'll appreciate that we truly care about protecting your family from insects and rodents.

Call now to speak with a qualified exterminator about your needs.