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Stop Scratching at Those Itchy Red Bumps

Call on the pros for bed bug removal in Allison Park, McCandless, Cranberry Township & Pittsburgh, PA

Do you wake up covered with tiny red bite marks? Are there reddish-brown stains on your bedsheets? Does your bedroom smell musty? If so, you might have a bed bug problem. Get rid of those bloodsucking pests by turning to Valiant Pest Defense, LLC for bed bug removal services. We use state-of-the-art technology to isolate and remove the infestation so you won't need to worry about getting bitten while you sleep.

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If you notice signs of bed bugs, don't put off scheduling a bed bug treatment. The colony could grow to more than 13,000 strong in as little as six months. Prevent a major infestation with the help of the skilled team at Valiant Pest Defense.

Our bed bug treatment involves:



  • Checking all nooks and crannies for bed bugs
  • Spraying every surface, from your bed to the baseboards
  • Treating your home twice to make sure the job is done



Contact us today to arrange for your bed bug treatment in Allison Park, McCandless, Cranberry Township, Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding areas .



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