pest control spraying house

No matter what kind of pests you want to be rid of, protecting your pet during the pest control treatment of your home is imperative to prevent harming your furry, feathered or scaly friend. All pest control operators should consider the welfare of your pets when they arrive to perform pest management services. we care about your pets' well-being and will perform our pest control service with them in mind. The following overview should put your mind at ease about conducting pest control service when pets are present.

  1. Please let us know that you have pets. How many and what kind. In most cases you may need to provide information during our inspection. For example where your pet spends the most time or where your pet eats.
  2. During any inside treatments please remove pets such as dogs and cats from the area until the product is dry. During Flea and Bed Bug Treatments please be advised that we need all pets out of the home during our treatment.
  3. Please do not allow pets outside while we are spraying and please be advised to not allow them into that area until dry.

Every product we use is in accordance with state and federal regulations.

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