wasps control in your home

Trust Us to Battle Stinging Pests

Hire our valiant pest control crew for hornet and wasp nest removal in Allison Park, McCandless, Cranberry Township & Pittsburgh, PA

Maybe you've seen a hornet in your sunroom. Maybe you've seen quite a few. You open a door for them to exit, but they won't. They've made themselves at home in your space, and your family can get hurt as a result. How can you end their invasion without being stung?

Why not turn to a pest control company? In Allison Park, McCandless, Cranberry Township, Pittsburgh, PA, call Valiant Pest Defense, LLC at 724-624-8044. We'll arrive soon to take on the pests.

What can you expect us to do?

Valiant Pest Defense will provide pest control services when you're dealing with hornets or wasps. We employ a skilled wasp and hornet exterminator, and we're well-equipped for hornet and wasp nest removal.

We'll remove the invaders from your:

  • Wall
  • Siding
  • Porch
  • Patio
  • Fence post

You can count on our trained wasp and hornet exterminator to make sure your property is safe from stinging pests. The owners of the company participate in each service, ensuring great results.