Valiant Pest Defense work truck

Valiant Pest Defense is a local family owned and operated company that specializes in
rodent and insect control that services all of Western Pennsylvania.

When we say we are local, that is not a marketing pitch; we were born and raised in Western Pennsylvania.

Making our priority, providing quality services at affordable prices to our customers.
The foundation of this company was developed on the basis, that we have worked for other pest control companies and became frustrated with the internal operating process. Our official job title while working for these companies, was 'pest management professional'. Unfortunately, it seemed management was more concerned with pushing us to sell unnecessary services and long term contracts to customers, rather than actually providing a service to the customers they needed. Eventually, we became frustrated with idea of concept of profit over people.

We take pride in our ability to solve our customers needs, not sell them on services and products that are expensive and inefficient. We believe, in order to give our customers the best service, it is essential for us to always thoroughly explain why the issue has occurred as well as the steps we will take to eliminate the issue.

We have over 15 years combined experience in the pest control industry providing thousands of our customers with non invasive safe treatments.

What makes us unique is that every service is completed by us, the owners of the company. When you hire another pest control company to complete your service, you will get a "technician" who works for the company as an employee. Some of the time you will get a qualified employee who cares about solving your issue; other times you will get a new employee who just finished training or an employee who just views this as a job and not a career.

The results that we provide to our customers are unmatched. This is because we spend our time and energy 7 days a week, 365 days a year focusing on our customers and their needs.

Our work ethic comes from our upbringing. Both of us were raised in a blue collar family and taught to understand the value of an honest days work.

pest control crew spraying a home in Pennsylvania