Can you do your own pest control?

There are some things that DIYers can successfully do without risk and they CAN save money in the process. Pest control is NOT something that a DIYer should attempt. There are numerous reasons why you should leave pest control to the professionals.

Here are some of them:

  • You are not professionally trained or certified to work with pest control methods
  • Treatments can be dangerous
  • Misidentification of the pest
  • The wrong treatment can increase the number of infestations instead of eliminate or reduce
  • Waste money and time
  • Usage of wrong methods and chemicals
  • No monitoring or reporting
  • Not getting to the root source or problem
  • Higher chance of pest recurrence
  • Lack of product knowledge
  • Health and safety risks – risk of pesticide poisoning for you and your family
  • Respiratory issues while spraying
  • Over-the-counter vs professional grade treatments
  • Venomous insects that could seriously hurt you
  • Chemical burns
  • Unpredictable animal behavior
  • Scattering the insects
  • Not looking in or treating the correct areas
  • House fires if you are using space heater or torch to get rid of pests

When you hire a professional, want their experience and knowledge to get the job done correctly. They are trained specifically for pest control.