What to Look for in a Quality, Affordable Pest Control Company

Today we have so many choices to make in the marketplace as consumers. Choice is what makes our country great. And in the pest control industry in Western Pennsylvania, that is no different. There are many companies around to choose from, and everyone as a consumer is looking for something different.


We have decided to write about the 5 factors that make a difference in our industry.


1.) Reviews – The backbone of our pest control services to our customers for any company is what the people have to say to critique or thank the company for the treatment. Most customers give reviews on the idea if the company or technician servicing their home gave them a fair and solid price, completed the work on time, and the expectation of results were met. Customers also care about personal service, do they feel important, or are they overlooked.

All of these factors play into whether reviews are good or bad



According to Industry Average


4.80-5.00 Excellent

4.60-4.79 Great

4.40-4.69 Average

4.20-4.39 Ok

4.00-4.19 Subpar

Below 3.99 – Bad


Most companies fall into a 4.50 or higher category



2.) Price – Price is important to everyone. Nobody wants to overpay for services at an unfair rate. This can happen in other industries such as healthcare, autobody shops, and more. While everyone has a different idea on valuation. We as consumers must make an informed decision while getting the facts. It is important to price compare and weigh out options.

A company should never charge you more for a same-day service or weekend service if in the hours of operations. They should not upcharge you based on your fears of bedbugs or spiders. Anyone telling you to buy the service now is trying to close the sale so you don't think about the cost of the project.


3.) Time – in this day and age we only have so much time with all of our responsibilities with being parents, homeowners, friends, employees, business owners all while taking care of our physical and mental health. While it is important to comparison shop and weigh out our options when looking for a pest control company. You want your issue solved and the stress of the problem to go away fast!


Spend an hour and do some research – pick a company that will give you information about why you're having the issue and how they plan to fix it. Never hire anyone who doesn't seem like they know what is going on.


4.) Knowledge - A pest company and their technicians should know what they are applying and where they need to apply it to and why it needs to be applied. IPM should always be a part of explaining a treatment.


5.) Small vs Big – one advantage for the bigger national companies is their ability to have name recognition and most people go with what they know. However small companies will work harder and normally give you a better result. Why?  Bigger companies and smaller companies have access to the same products and usually smaller companies hire workers that are skilled or directly trained by the owners. Smaller companies always want to give direct service to the customer.